Press Release

Dear all members, We are writing to inform you of the following direction Futsal Oz has been forced to take.

SFA Womens Day 2

Series Futsal Australia, Womens, Game 9, 2019 Adelaide Panthers FC 4-2 Melbourne Lions FC ADE – S.Allen 2, A.Cerne &

SFA Mens Day 2

SFA, Mens, Group B, Game 5 2019 Hobart Knights 4–5 Brisbane Heart HOB- M. Saric 2, Z. Galanopoulos & J.

SFA Womens Day 1

Series Futsal Australia, Womens, Day 1, 2019/20 Melbourne Lions FC 1-4 Canberra Warriors FC MEL – A. CaroCAN – M.

Series Futsal Australia, Day One, 2019

Series Futsal Australia, Day One, 2019 SFA, Mens, Group B, Game 1 2019 Canberra Warriors FC 6-4 Brisbane Heart FC

Lifting The Lid – Starting With an APP

The all new Series Futsal APP has launched and will be tested throughout the Series Futsal Australia event this weekend.

SEAN coming to Melbourne

Colossal SFA signing!!! The Warriors are delighted to announce the signing of Sean “S3” Garnier for the upcoming Series Futsal


The Tigers are delighted to announce that Vágner Kaetano Pereira better known as PULA will join our West Coast Tigers

World Class Neto – SFA

From the Melbourne Lions Camp 19th September 2019 ANNOUNCEMENT – NETO🦁 🇧🇷 MELBOURNE LIONS would like to announce that Dovenir Domingues