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About Series Futsal Australia

Series Futsal Australia is for the best futsal clubs in Australia to compete for a national title. The top clubs from each of Futsal Oz’s state affiliates are invited to enter, with a minimum of 12 teams fighting for the crown.

The Futsal Oz affiliate competitions are Series Futsal Victoria, Series Futsal South Australia, Series Futsal Queensland, Series Futsal New South Wales, Western Australian State Futsal League, and the Far North Coast NSW.

The tournaments are held twice a year for men (April and September) and once a year for women (April only) and typically run over a three-day period.

The competition, for both mens and women, are played for a cup – regarded as the most prestigious prize in the extensive Futsal Oz trophy cabinet.


Series Futsal Australia was first held in April 2012 and was originally called the Futsal Oz Australian Futsal League (FAFL).

The first tournament was played for mens clubs from around Australia, with teams representing all five Australian mainland states.

In the mens division, Victorian club Pascoe Vale FC won the first three Series Futsal Australia titles (2012, 2013, 2014), before Sydney Magic (2014/15) came, conquered and left.  Since then, West Australian side Cambio Cumbre (2015, 2015/16, 2016, 2016/17) have won the last four and are not only the defending champions but hold the record as well.

In the womens, Sydney team Parramatta Blues (2013, 2014) dominated the first two titles with South Brisbane (2015) and FC Richmond (2015/16) joining the tournament winners list.  Gepps Cross (2016/17) are the defending champions after a thrilling final win against Stirling Braza Ginga in the match of the tournament.

Previously, Series Futsal Australia (formerly FAFL) had been played in Melbourne in one of the two world-class futsal specific stadiums of Futsal Oz, either in Brunswick or the Mount Evelyn Futsal Stadiums. The 2016 edition saw the mens tournament played interstate for the first time in Bibra Lake, Western Australia hosting an amazing tournament. The 2016/17 tournament was played at the new Series Futsal Victoria home – Thomastown Futsal Stadium. And now, the 2017 edition will see the Series Futsal Australia Cup played in Gepps Cross, South Australia for the first time.

Previous Winners Lists


2012 Pascoe Vale LIONS FC (Brunswick, Vic)
2013 Pascoe Vale LIONS FC (Brunswick, Vic)
2014 Pascoe Vale LIONS FC (Brunswick, Vic)
2014/15  Sydney Magic FC (Mt Evelyn, Vic)
2015 Claremont Cambio Cumbre (Mt Evelyn, Vic)
2015/16 Claremont Cambio Cumbre (Mt Evelyn, Vic)
2016 Claremont Cambio Cumbre (Bibra Lake, WA)
2016/17  Claremont Cambio Cumbre (Thomastown, Vic)
2017 Fitzroy FC (Gepps Cross, SA)
2017/18 Gold Coast Force (Acacia Ridge, QLD)
2018 FC Carlton Heart (Thomastown, VIC)
2019 To be decided (Thomastown, VIC)


2013  Parramatta Blues FC (Brunswick, Vic)
2014  Parramatta Blues FC (Brunswick, Vic)
2015  South Brisbane (Mt Evelyn, Vic)
2015/16 Richmond FC (Mt Evelyn, Vic)
2016/17 Gepps Cross FC (Thomastown, Vic)
2017 Mansfield FC (Gepps Cross, SA)
2017/18 Stirling FC (Acacia Ridge, QLD)
2018 Moreland Blues FC (Thomastown, VIC)
2019 To be decided (Thomastown, VIC)

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