Last night the draw for the mens 2017-18 Series Futsal Australia Conference finals was drawn in front of a capacity crowd at the Thomastown Futsal Stadium. The Draw was live streamed on the Futsal Oz Youtube Channel.

With the womens list of teams not 100% finalised only the mens conference was drawn out. Two Clubs from the current conferences were drawn out and placed in group A and group B.

For the first time we will see clubs from Series Futsal New South Wales (SFNSW) compete – making this the toughest National Futsal league ever to be played on Australian soil.

Due to the size of Australia which is similar in area to Brazil, the United States of America, Canada or all of Europe, Series Futsal believes conferences are the most logical way to have teams compete at a National Competition level.

Details of how the Australian Series Futsal Conferences work.

1. Each State is a Series Futsal Conference.
2. Each State has a Division 1 Conference League with promotion and relegation to the lower State leagues.
3. Each State Conference Division 1 is called Series Futsal followed by the state. i.e. Series Futsal Queensland (SFQ)
4. Each State Conference Series Futsal League has 8 top teams and they play a 21 week season.
5. The Champion is first past the post and makes it through to Series Futsal Australia (SFA)
6. Each Conference has 2 SFA spots, the 2nd spot can be awarded to the runner up or the League Cup winners.
7. With the top 2 teams from each conference qualifying a finals series is held around the country in a nominated location to determine who is the Australian Series Futsal Champion…

The size of the USA v Australia
The size of Europe vs Australia