AUS: Gold & Stirling Silverware


What an amazing Series: Under extreme conditions fifteen of ¬†Australia’s best women & mens teams battled it out over four long and gruelling days in the humidity and relentless Queensland heat, all to see who is the Nations Best SERIES FUTSAL squad!

The matches were live-streamed across the globe on the Series Futsal Australia Facebook page with over 115,000 total views (and growing) across all games making this the most viewed Futsal Series to date.

People tuned in from all over the globe, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, USA, Germany, Italy, Spain, Russia, Japan, Thailand and Malaysia.

The quality took another step forward with both women and men locked in tight and entertaining battles.

The host City produced and delivered a fantastic sports entertainment experience, creating a huge buzz on social media with plenty of topics with controversy not far from the willing keyboard warriors.

The winner was Futsal and with an increase awareness across the nation kids tuned in numbers to watch the superstars of Series Futsal go head to head in true Series Futsal style. It’s no secret Series Futsal’s aim to attracting a young up coming audience and is well on its way to achieving it, the action was fast and entertaining perfectly suited to the Y & Z Generation.


The Mens saw the home team and wild card entry Gold Coast Force FC take out the Final and become only the second club to win on a wild card. A first for a Queensland mens team and they did it in style doing away with the fancy Western Sydney Worriers 7-2.


In the women, WA’s Stirling FC Braza

Ginga did away with a spirited Fitzroy Tigers as they had all the answers the Victorians could throw at them.

Two awesome teams and two new Series Futsal Champions.

You can catch all the action, pics and stories on the SFA facebook page