AUS: Girls Groups a first

For the first time in Futsal Oz’s short history there will be all girl groups at the 2019 nationals.

Girls from all over Australia will fill the mesmerising blue Futsal Oz courts and will be competing to be the Australian Futsal Champions.

Groups of Under 8’s, 10’s, 12’s and 14’s will highlight the amazing response Futsal Oz has had to its Futsal4Girls campaign.

Founder and CEO Peter Parthimos said “it just doesn’t make any sense to promote and go to market with the message ‘Futsal Oz – impacting lives in positive ways’ reaching only 50% of the worlds population. It’s ridiculous.”

“This game is well suited for boys and girls, it’s one of the very few sports in the world that a whole family can competitively get involved in. Playing together is only part of it, have fun and being part of the culture has an energy of its own, it’s awesome and the way we deliver it overall, truly impacts lives in positive ways.”

“Personally, I feel our brand of Futsal can not be categorised as feminine or masculine and doesn’t belong to any specific group of people. It has an energy that runs deep inside and has the ability to do so much more, it grabs you and you feel compelled to respond and react. I believe we have passionate members who see past limitations and have tapped into the values, creating an inclusive and wonderful culture.” he went on to add.

“We will not underestimate the role we have to play on the global stage, on the same note we understand this can not be achieved without women being willingly involved, and help drive the amazing and positive impact we can all have on lives.”

“The ancient philosopher Socrates stated over 2,500 years ago ‘I am not an Athenian or a Greek, but a citizen of the world.’ and this really resonates with me.”

The Futsal Oz Nationals is on the 4th to 8th of January 2019 with all girls leagues featuring Under 8’s, 10’s, 12’s and 14’s

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