Celebrating our 13th year – Message from the Founder

Celebrating our 13th year Futsal Oz and associated brands continues to impact lives in positive ways.

With plans to streamline, innovate and continue to support our leagues, programs and modern Futsal clubs, 2019 is set to be a strategic year catapulting our organisation into the 2020s and beyond..

I want to thank our team members, our parents, our raving fans with a special mention to the visionaries the believers who without doubt are the hardest/smartest working group.

You are the presidents the Club leaders the volunteers and supporters who put in this amazing effort of energy building your modern Futsal Club…

You are my inspiration and get me leaping out of bed each morning – we will continue building pathways for girls/boys, inspire youth contribution, support community culture, encourage leadership and allow the imagination to thrive.

“You bring about what you think about”

Thank you to everyone who has played, watched, managed, coached or worked at Futsal Oz even if it was only for a minute of the 13 years.

Happy Birthday Futsal Oz ❤️

Thank you

Peter Parthimos
Futsal Oz
Founder & CEO