QLD: Series Futsal expands with new Queensland premiership

Series Futsal is pleased to announce that Queensland will hold its own Series Futsal premiership.

To be known as Series Futsal Queensland (SFQ), the premiership will kick off on the May 5.

In conjunction with the Queensland State Futsal Centre, Series Futsal will expand from its Victorian homeland to create a new elite futsal league in the sunshine state.

The premiership will be played over two Queensland State Futsal venues at Carina and Acacia Ridge.

A knock-out competition will be held over a series of weekends to determine the eight clubs that will play in the inaugural competition.

The clubs that do not make Series Futsal Queensland will be selected to play in the State League (Division 2).

The new SFQ competition will be held under the same promotion/relegation system that has successfully operated in Victoria for the past 10 years, where the bottom team from SFQ will be relegated, replaced by the premiers of the State League.

The top two clubs from SFQ will automatically qualify for the bi-annual Series Futsal Australia (SFA) competition.

The matches will be played on ‘Series Futsal’ sized courts and will feature game reports, images and video content.

More details of the competition will be released shortly.

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Commissioner, Series Futsal Queensland
Owner, QLD State Futsal Centre

“We’re really excited to start the Series Futsal Queensland premiership,” said Felipe .

“I started the Brisbane Premier League here four years ago, and really I just wanted to get the best players to play in the same league.

“The first time we went to Futsal Oz in 2013, we saw how well it was run and thought we’d come back and try and replicate some of it because we can see how professionally it is run.

“We have built a very solid competition – all teams are in branded team kits, our competition is good, we do videos and that kind of stuff – so we feel we are ready to step up with the backing of Series Futsal.

“We want to see most of the ambitious futsal clubs in Queensland come and fight for the eight spots in the top league. The ones who don’t make it will play in Division 2. That will be a first for Queensland, and I’m excited for the prospects because there’s always something to play for.

“The talent is here – all they need is the right environment. We want to create the best environment possible for our players and clubs.”

Founder and CEO, Futsal Oz
Commissioner, Series Futsal

“This is a momentous occasion for Series Futsal,” said Peter Parthimos.

“Series Futsal Victoria has set the benchmark for sports entertainment in the futsal sphere, and it is with great pleasure to expand into the Queensland market.

“Felipe and the Queensland State Futsal Centre have proven to be a provider of quality futsal leagues in the past, and its players and clubs are ready for the next step. I have no doubt they will approach this with enthusiasm with the aim of creating a professional and competitive environment.

“With their strong base and our exciting brand of futsal, I’m excited to see the Series Futsal name and philosophy used in Queensland.”