SA: South Australia joins growing Series Futsal leagues

Series Futsal is pleased to welcome South Australia to the growing family of Series Futsal leagues in Australia.

On the back of the recent addition of Queensland joining the established Victoria league, leading Adelaide-based futsal provider South Australian Futsal League has agreed to terms with Series Futsal organisers to bring the exciting brand of futsal to SA.

The new league will become the top league in SA, with the current SAFL Championship to be the second-tier division, featuring the popular promotion and relegation system.

The top two teams from Series Futsal SA will be guaranteed automatic entry into Series Futsal Australia – the highest prize in the Series Futsal system.

Elite-level Series Futsal South Australia will be played at the Adelaide Superdrome and The Parks Recreation and Sports Centre.

Series Futsal founder and CEO Peter Parthimos is pleased to secure a third state to the growing list of Series Futsal leagues.

“It is with great excitement that we introduce the Series Futsal South Australia to our grown domestic competition,” said Parthimos.

“Raff Frisina and his team at the South Australian Futsal League have been a great supporter of the Series Futsal concept since its inception, and it’s great to now have them firmly apart of the brand.

“The competitiveness of the SA teams has been increasing every year, culminating in the Gepps Cross women’s side winning the Series Futsal Australia tournament in March this year.

“I can’t wait for the league to start soon.”

Frisina, founder of the SA Futsal League, says that the alignment with the Series Futsal brand will help lift its competition to the next level.

“The SAFL is happy to unite our Premier Competition along with Series Futsal Victoria and Queensland,” said Frisina.

“Series Futsal SA will provide a new lift to our competition which has come leaps and bounds since when we started in 2013.

“Ahead of the next edition of Series Futsal Australia in Adelaide, the announcement comes at a great time as we launch the new season in the coming weeks. The level and knowledge of futsal has improved so much here in SA since the SAFL’s inception and SFSA will give the competition that much needed spark to go the next level.”