‘Alex’ is the name of the Futsal Oz mascot after an online competition was held to choose the name of the larger than life character.

Sydney-based futsal fan Damien Young has won the cool merchandise pack after entering the name ‘Alex’ and his reason for the name selection.

Young gave the mascot the name ‘Alex’ to honour the greatest futsal player of all-time – Brazilian player Falcao.

Falcao’s birth name is Alessandro Rosa Vieira but is known around the world as ‘Falcao.’

Young suggested that ‘Alex’ should be the name of the mascot to “mark respect for Falcao’s real name, and because Falcao played at Futsal Oz Live last year.”

For giving the name, Young receives an awesome prize pack including a Barcelona player’s top, Nike jumper, t-shirt, futsal ball and more.

Over 1000 entries were received in the competition, and Futsal Oz CEO and founder Peter Parthimos says that the name ‘Alex’ is perfect for a number of reasons.

“The amount of entries we had was truly sensational. There were a lot of very inventive name creations, which was great to see,” said Parthimos.

The name ‘Alex’ is a good name, but the reason behind it was the thing that got it over the line.

Falcao is regarded as the world’s best futsal player, and to have him here in Australia last year for the inaugural Futsal Oz Live was the stuff that dreams are made of.

Falcao was born with the name ‘Alessandro’ and our winner shortened that to ‘Alex.’ For me, that was the perfect name.

And I think our mascot looks like an Alex too. It fits perfect and I’m so glad that we have a great name with a great meaning.