Popular Melbourne figure Mike Larkan, host of Ten News weather, paid a visit to the Brunswick Futsal Oz Stadium to conduct one of his famous weather reports.

Larkan, a respected television presenter, kicked the futsal ball with a number of junior players at the famous Brunswick stadium.

The visit from Larkan continues a tremendous 2016 for the Futsal Oz company, celebrating its 10th year of operations.

In 2016, Futsal Oz welcomed Arnold Schwarzenegger through its Brunswick doors. The company also held its first ‘Futsal Oz Live’ event, and has also seen its elite league – Series Futsal – emerge as a genuine mainstream sport and entertainment platform.

CEO and founder Peter Parthimos says that having Network Ten’s news broadcast produce its evening news in the Brunswick stadium is another tick for his business.

It was fantastic to have Mike and the crew from Ten News at Futsal Oz Brunswick today

All of the key Futsal Oz staff got to meet Mike and share a laugh. He is very enthusiastic about the game.

And it’s always great to see the kid’s faces when TV cameras roll up into the stadium, they were going nuts. It was terrific for everyone that was there.

To see Larkan and the weather cross, see the video below.