FOZ: Venues Confirmed for 2018 Junior Nationals

The 2018 Futsal Oz Junior Nationals will be played across both the Futsal Oz Brunswick and Thomastown stadiums.

All under 8s and under 10s competitions will be played at the Futsal Oz Brunswick Stadium with all other age groups to be played at the Futsal Oz Thomastown Stadium.

The two stadiums are only 25 minutes a part with the FOz Brunswick stadium only 20 minutes north of the Melbourne city centre and the Thomastown stadium a further 25 minutes north. Both stadiums are less than 30 minutes to the Melbourne Airport.

The 2018 Junior Nationals is almost at capacity and the remaining spots will be filled on a first come, first served basis and therefore, a new and simple Expression of Interest form has been implemented which can be accessed below.

Please click this link to express your interest in the 2018 Junior Nationals.