VIC: Finals Fever

There is nothing like that feeling of finals Futsal. The fast pace, non stop end to end action with plenty of goals mixed in with raw emotion, a touch of nervousness and that unmistakable belief of wanting to win has the heart pumping like mad, one would say that is a great way to describe the emotions of the parents and supporters watching on the outer.

Futsal Finals week has always been a massive week on the Futsal Oz calendar, although it is all fun and games we can not help but notice the improvement in our kids the other players and their teams.

Futsal Oz believes learning to deal with winning and losing from a young age is an important skill and our kids need to learn how to win and enjoy being humble but most importantly how to deal with losing a sporting match and find ways to work toward improving.

There is a fine line between arrogance and confidence and we believe by creating a fun healthy competitive environment we are well on the way in assisting to create some amazing and happy little humans.

Enjoy the finals week and good luck to everyone.

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