VIC: It goes BANG – Round 17 SFV

Moreland Blues 9 – 1 Brunswick Chiefs

It was an exhilarating start to the game that saw Moreland jump out to a quick lead they never cease control of. Brunswick were disappointing and never really looked like much of a threat against a domineering opponent.

It was a resounding first half that ensured Moreland would walk away with the win. Shaman Alinejad netted his first and lead the way to a 5-0 first half lead.

The second half didn’t see the nets get torched as much as the first but the pressure levels never dropped. Brunswick were able to score one goal that served as nothing more than consolation for a miserable game. Shaman Alinejad scored once more and was pivotal going forward for Moreland. The final scores were 9-1.

Man of the Match: Shayan Alinejad (Moreland FC)


Hume Army 4 – 3 Fitzroy Lions

In a match that could be mistaken for a UFC match, Hume managed to stay afloat against a bombardment of shots from Fitzroy. The loss for Fitzroy were crucial points lost as they begin to slump in an important part of the season.

In a first half that saw as many yellow cards as it did goals, the players were fired up and battling hard. Hume, despite the pressure from a top tier side didn’t succumb in the first half, heading into the second with a slight 2-1 lead.

Although they had a break to cool off, the drive in these players was as potent as ever with the physicality of the game only rising. Another 4 yellow cards and a controversial red card saw the game come right down to the wire. However, behind the heroics of goalkeeping extraordinaire Frano Saric Hume were able to ride the game out to a 4-3 victory.

Man of the Match: Frano Saric (Hume FC)


Balwyn Bulls 3 – 8 Western wolves

The Western Wolves have kept the pressure on for first place after tearing apart a struggling Balwyn side. Despite being unable to capitalise on many chances early, the Western Wolves persisted to try and break the game open.

The first half ended in 3-3. With a bit of luck on their side, Balwyn were able to make the most of the limited chances they had and keep the game tight heading into the second half.

Unfortunately, it seemed as though Balwyn ran out of luck with the Wolves unleashing a relentless barrage of shots upon them. The game was as good as over with a couple minutes remaining; the final scores being 8-3. The loss has put Balwyn on the bottom of the table.

Elvis danced his way to a sensational hat-trick that lead the way for the Wolves.

Man of the Match: Elvis Kamsoba (Western Wolves FC)


Pascoe Vale Lions 3 – 4 Carlton Heart

Carlton FC faced a strong challenge in their bid to win the league. Pascoe Vale came out with an aggressive brand of playing and brought the pressure on immediately in what was another physical game.

The first half saw a flurry of goals, as Carlton carved out a 3-2 lead lead Ernie Simsek’s goal.

The second half was much a repeat of the first, with the tensions increasing the physicality of the game rose. Goals came in bunches but the poise and composure of Carlton proved to be too much to overcome for a rattled Pascoe Vale side.

Ernie Simsek was influential in leading Carlton to a vital 4-3 victory and securing 3 points.

Man of the Match: Ernie Simsek (Carlton FC)

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