SFV Men: Round 15

Series Futsal Victoria, Mens, Round 15


Fitzroy FC 6-3 CF Brunswick 

FITZ – C.Russo 3, L.Stone, S.Rogan &.J.Filho
BWK – M.Salvi 2 & A.Zaccone

Fourth vs Fifth both clubs on equal points on the ladder both aiming for a win to stay in touch with the top four.

The first half was a tight contest only scoring one goal each. It was mainly played in the Fitzroy defensive half. With Brunswick really applying the pressure early. However Fitzroy counter attacks stretched the brunswick defence.

Fitzroy goal keeper was kept busy in the first half and blocked a lot of shots headed his way. Both clubs couldn’t convert and had too many misses with having a shot on goal.

In the second half a team had to lift in order to take the win. Fitzroy certainly did that. Scoring 5 goals to 2 in the second half setting up a comfortable but hard fort win. The brunswick coach frustration started to show, screaming and shouting from the side line and then calling a time out with 4 minutes remaining asking his players to lift. With one minute remaining the Brunswick goal keeper left his line and joined his team mates in the centre of court to help apply pressure on Fitzroy’s defence.

Fitzroy were too good and came away with the points.

Man of the match – Cosimo Russo (Fitzroy FC)


Western Wolves 8-4 Balwyn FC

WOL- E. Kamsoba 5, N long, M Sesay & S Soufi
BAL – N Akaazoun, T Sekine & J Gorges

What a game this was. A tight first half with both keepers kept busy. Shots taken from anywhere. The international superstar didn’t disappoint. Creating some brillant plays and shots on goal. In the first half it was the Western Wolves who took an early lead. The wolves also received one of its two yellow cards for a controversial handball.

In the second half it was just as tight as the first half even though the score board didn’t show it. Early in the second half the wolves with given their second yellow card but that didn’t seem to phase them. The Wolves keeper continued he’s incredible form with some epic blocks. However Elivis Kamsoba speed and counter attacks gave the wolves the spark to keep pressing hard and continue to have shots on goal. Scoring 2 goals on the run gave the wolves a 3 goal lead with 5 minutes remaining.

Nabil Akaazoun showed some silky foot silks and tried to help lift his side with his pressure class and shots on goal. But with 2 minutes remaining and down 4 goals, Balwyn were reward a free kick which lead to an own goal caused by a deflection off a defenders shin. A much needed goal. With under one minute remaining Nabil Akaazoun was awarded a penalty and MISSED. Another opportunity wasted by the superstar.

The final goal scored by Elivis Kamsoba by the wolves all but sealed a 4 goal lead and victory over Balwyn.

Man of the match – Elivis Kamsoba (Western Wolves FC)


Carlton Hearts 6-4 Metropolitan FC

CARL – S. Gustus 2, A. Ibrahim, A Ahmed, C Rajab & H Razbocan
MET – T. Grgic, A Redzepovic, D Redzepovic & T. Stalevski

The first half pressure by carlton was intense. With majority of plan being played in Metro’s defensive half. The Keeper was kept busy with some incredible saves early on.

With seven minutes remaining in the first half the hearts found themselves up three nil. Hearts found the empty space and found the back of the net.

The hearts were able to hurt metro not only on the scoreboard but physically too. With a hard collision with metro’s goal keeper, play was stopped for some time. Injuring his knee he had to be stretched off the court. A replacement keeper stepped in and the pressure was back on.

Metro’s frustration started to boil over and talk amongst players got heated. 5 goals down at half time they were left wondering how they were going to come back.

With 5 minutes into the second half Metro were able to get the a much needed goal that they were searching for. That goal saw a shift in momentum with metro pushing up the court, which saw them score 2 minutes later. Only 3 goals down they started to show signs of belief that they could over come the 3 goal deficit.

Hayden Kanjo (Metropolitan)set off after a brain phase. With some silly off the ball incidents with the referee. With 4 minutes remaining it was to little to late for metro. Some brillance from Abdirahman Ahmed all but secured 6-4 victory for Carlton heart.

Man of the match – Abdirahman Ahmed (Carlton Heart)


Pascoe Vale 1-5 Hume FC

PVFC – A. Caro
HUME – N. Sahim 2, U. Cicek 2 & M. Matar

First half under way and the first score come five minutes in kicked from half way and Pascoe vale had an early lead. Two minutes later on the counter Hume were able to turn over and score a goal to stay in the game. A really high pressure game and tight contest both clubs struggle to convert in front of goal.

Both keepers were tested. Shots came in from every angle and both pushed their limits and saved some incredible shots. Things to start get heated between players and referee. With five minutes remaining Hume make some substitutions hoping the fresher players would be able to help convert.

A controversial header not counted as a goal, the disbelief on the Hume FC coach that it did not count. At half time both clubs re-evaluate. 1-1 at half time time for a side to lift.

With the game at 1-1 both clubs trying their hardest to score another to take the win. Finally the break through for Hume FC able to score half way through the second half. The games intensity has increased as the game has gone on. Pascoe Vale have increased their intensity and have controlled most of the ball in this second half. They continue struggle to score.

With 1 minute 38 seconds left on the clock hume fc scored a third goal. With no goal keeper on for pascoe vale at the time it was the easiest goal scored all game. 30 seconds later another goal scored due to the same reasons. Pascoe vale choosing to have the goal keeper further up the court to help score removing him from the goal line 3 easy goals scored.

Man of the match – Nejdett Sahin (Hume FC)