SFV – Womens Round 17

Series Futsal Victoria

FC Carlton Heart 10-0 FC Balwyn Women 

CARL – K Foster 4, N Ritchie 3, J Byrne 2, M Kirk-Eaton


First half started fast with two goals scored early. Both keepers were kept busy and the pressure was on from both sides. Communication was key between players. Talking to each other and listening to the keepers directions helped Carlton when they found themselves in their defensive end.

Balwyn’s attack and pressure on the ball was good just struggled to find the back of the net when having a shot on goal. Carlton’s counter attack was incredible and found themselves lucky to be up two nil at half time.

Second half started the same way as the first, with Carlton hitting the score board early. With 5 mins into the second half Carlton were able to score again. Putting them 4 goals in front and giving Balwyn a hard chance to come back from.

Communication from Balwyn did not improve in the second half. That lack of communication did not help when they tried to find open space for their team mates to run into.  With ten minutes remaining Balwyn’s frustration started to show. As Carlton started to extend their lead out to eight goals, Balwyn’s determination and belief to not give up and keep trying to have shots on goal was a good sign.

Player of the match: Katie Foster (Carlton Heart)



Fitzroy FC Women 4-2 Pascoe Vale FC Women  

FITZ – S Richardson 2, C Drinoczky & E Coppock

PAS – E Parthimos, L Woods

First vs Fourth what a close match this was.

In the first half the pressure was on. Both teams pressed hard in their forward lines when going forward. It was so hard to keep momentum with the ball with a lot of intercepts from both teams. Fitzroy found a break through and got an early lead. Scoring three minutes into the first half. With under six minutes remaining in the first half Pascoe Vale were rewarded a goal for their effort on the counter attack.

Three minutes to half time Sarah Richardson on the run scores a brilliant goal before half time for Fitzroy. Her team getting around her after scoring her second goal in the first half. Pascoe Vale’s goal keeper was under some hot pressure when she found multiple shots come her way. At half time Pascoe Vale found themselves 3 goals down.

Second half underway and the momentum was with Fitzroy. With the early part of the second half played in their attacking half. Pascoe vale felt the pressure but continued to intercept and find the ball in space. With ten minutes remaining Fitzroy started to feel the heat with Pascoe vale really testing Fitzroy’s defence. Fitzroy keeper in some incredible form blocking shots and diving to save a goal. With the pressure on Pascoe vale were finally able to find the back of the net.

Half way through the second half the pressure continued to increase for Fitzroy and struggled to move the ball forward. With under five minutes remaining both teams call a time out. Fitzroy come away with a win.

Player of the match: Sarah Richardson (Fitzroy)



Melbourne Amazons 3-6 Preston FC Women 

MELB – B Lee 2, C Rigdon

PRES –L Cartanos 2, M Suratie 2, L Galina & A Sherifi

Not even a minute in and Preston were able to find the back of the net. Goal kicked from half way by L Cartanos and the crowd and her team mates were proud of her effort. Preston continued to press and push up forward, putting pressure on Melbourne’s keeper and defence.

Melbourne counter attack was good and kept them in the game. Scoring a goal off the back of a Preston error. A really tight contest at both ends of the court. With both keepers kept busy. Melbourne again were able to score on the counter.

Putting the score two – two six minutes before half time. With two goals to Preston with under three minutes until half time, Melbourne started to feel the pressure. With twenty seconds remaining Preston were again able to find the back of the net.

With the second half under way the communication from both teams increased. More screams for the ball and more calls for help. The games intensity increased with both teams playing really fast and attacking game styles.

Some great foot skills from Melbourne’s B Lee saw her score a goal with 12 minutes remaining in the second half. A much needed goal for Melbourne to give them hope they can reduce the two goal deficient. From the side line Preston were able to get another goal to extend their lead. With continuous shots on goal from both teams both keepers were kept busy.

With four minutes remaining and three goals up Preston call a time out. Allowing both teams to cool and think about what they have to do in the final minutes of the game. Both teams were unable to find the back of the net in the final minutes but an intense ending to a tight game.

Player of the match: L Caratanos (Preston)



Western Wolves FC 1-6 Moreland FC Women

WES – D Cartwright

MOR – E Hasan 4, R Hurlimann & R Saber

Three minutes in to start the game and a yellow card was award to a Western Wolves player for forgetting to remove her earrings. A very interesting way to start the game. Moreland goal keeper found herself under some pressure with multiple shots on goal coming her way with some impressive blocks.

Eight minutes into the first half Moreland with a brilliant header by E Hasan to give Moreland an early lead.  Western Wolves keeper A Atik stopping goals with some really good blocks, keeping the wolves in the match.

With only five minutes remaining Western wolves call a time out to work out where they are going wrong. Communication is key and coach wanting them to talk more and call for the ball when wolves go forward. With 40 seconds remaining in the first half Moreland score another goal giving them a two nil lead at half time.

Five minutes into the second half and the Western Wolves were finally rewarded for the continues push forward with a goal. But Moreland then got a quick goal back to continue their two goal lead. A controversial yellow card was given for hand ball to the western wolves.

With under seven minutes remaining contact between players start to get heated. With a few pushes and off the ball pushes and falls made. Moreland were able to score four goals in that second half.

Player of the match: Ebru Hasan (Moreland)