SFV2: Women’s Round 3

Series Futsal Victoria

Amazons 4-2 Fawkner

AMA – Z Dupont, A Imran, B Lee, M Longo

FAW – L Abdullatif 2

A very intense first half. With Fawkner getting the upper hand early in the first half. Fawkner went on to scoring one goal in the first half giving them a the lead at half time. Fawkner had all the momentum in the first half and put the pressure on Amazons defensive structure and keeper.

In the second half, the momentum had shifted and Amazon has majority of the ball. Amazon came from behind to score two goals to give them the lead but Fawkner hit back levelling out the game 2 all with eight minutes to play. Amazon continued to press hard and push forward. Their hard work started to pay off going on to score their third goal.

With under a minute remaining Amazon were able to find their fourth and ultimately the winning goal.

Player of the match: Laila Abdullatif (Fawkner)


Preston FC 7-1 FC Balwyn

PRES – T Halabi 3, K Farmer 2, E Year, L Cartanos

BAL – J Semean

High intense first half between Preston and Balwyn. Balwyn with no one on the bench, it was a matter of how long they could hang in the came while fatigue would start to set in. Preston had the momentum early and were really pressing forward hard.

Putting the pressure on the Balwyn keeper. Preston were able to score three first half goals while Balwyn could only must up one goal in the first half. Preston with a two goal lead at half time giving them an advantage going into the second half.

With work to do in the second half Balwyn needed to find some space and time when going forward. Continuing to have shots on goal and put the pressure on Preston defence and keeper, Balwyn just couldn’t get reward for effort. Finding the back of the net was hard for both teams in the second half.

With under a minute a minute remaining Preston go on to score their seventh goal for the match to seal the deal.

Player of the match: Taylor Halabi (Preston)


Western Wolves 3-5 South Melbourne

WOLV – F Nobbs 2, R Attard

MELB – A Idris 2, N Italiano 2, C Jayasekera

Very hot ball to be won in this game. Just went the Wolves thought they had the upper hand both in the game and on the scoreboard South Melbourne were able to hit back and score two quick goals to not only level out the game but to give them a one goal lead.

With three minutes remaining in the first half the ball was constantly being turned over. With intercepts, bad passing or silly errors in front of goal. Both keepers were kept busy and it made for a very tight contest. At half time 2-1 in favour of South Melbourne.

In the second half another very tight contest. Although south melbourne had the lead the wolves were fighting back. Continually pushing forward finding that counter attack space and having shots on goal.

Western wolves continued handle the pressure South Melbourne was putting on them. South Melbourne went on to score their fifth goal to get the win.

Player of the match: Natalie Italiano (South Melbourne)


Melbourne Amazons FC vs Fawkner FC WSFV2 R3 18/19

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