SFV: Women’s Round 4

Series Futsal Victoria

Pascoe Vale 3-2 (3-1 pen) Fitzroy

PAS – M Marques, P Ribas

FITZ – S Papadopoulos, E Vatcky

A very interesting first half. Pascoe Vale surprising a lot of people early scoring two goals in the first half. Holding Fitzroy up in the first. Fitzroy couldn’t get any of their regular ball movement plays going. Pascoe Vale was on top in the first half and really dominated when going forward.

Fitzroy tried to kept trying to make time and space when going forward but struggled to convert. Pascoe Vale keeper was all over every shot coming her way. With a few controversial fouls given Pascoe Vale looked in great touch when going forward with the ball. Fitzroy had no answers, Pascoe Vale pressure was all class in the first half. 2 nil lead at half time in favour of Pascoe Vale.

Fitzroy respond in the second half with a quick goal to reduce the lead to one goal difference. A very different half from the first. Fitzroy with all the momentum when going forward. With the pressure on Fitzroy able to level out the game brining it to 2-2 with seven minutes remaining in the game. With both teams looking to find another goal to give them the lead. Both teams looking to avoid penalties and find a much needed winning goal.

With three minutes to play in the game both teams step up to the plate. The game continues to intensify and players from both teams start to show some skill and prove themselves and their team mates in the game. Game going to penalties with Pascoe Vale getting the win.

Player of the match: Cristina Bitzillis (Pascoe Vale)


Moreland 2-7 Northcote

MOR – T Mure

NOR – C Fresneda 5, D Cartwright, C Korainias, C Sirik (own goal)

Both teams started the game strong. Northcote had the early lead scoring two quick goals to put the pressure on Moreland from the start. Moreland started to feel the pressure but didn’t give up and they dug deep. Both keepers were kept busy late in the first half and it made everyone accountable for every touch and kick. Silly turnovers cost both teams which helped both defence’s when under pressure.

With time ticking away Moreland were able to find two goals to level out the game at half time 2-2. With both teams struggling to kick straight and find the back of the net.

In the second half it was raining goals for Northcote. Camila Fresneda making her mark in Series Futsal ending the game with five goals next to her name. What a performance by her in the second half. All the momentum with Northcote in the second Moreland just couldn’t seem to do anything right.

A controversial red card award to Moreland player reducing them to 4 players but by then the damage was done and Northcote won by five goals.

Player of the match: Camila Fresneda (Northcote)


Carlton Heart 3-2 Westside

CARL – R Davies 3

WEST – M Fonua, L Fonua

A very high contest ball in the first half between these two teams. A very entertaining half of futsal as well.

Both teams having their opportunities when going forward but struggled to score and find the back of the net. At half time it was 1-1 neither team could get the upper hand.

Both keepers were kept busy and defensive structures were tested. Frustration started to show between players but both continued to keep their heads held high. At half time both teams had a very in-depth chat about what they had to do in the second half to get the victory.

Carlton with the quick reply scoring two early goals in the second half to give them the upper hand putting more and more pressure on west side. West side hit back with a goal of their own to reduce the lead to one goal difference.

Controversial fouls and decisions made from the referees left everyone questioning the game. Carlton far too strong in the end to hold Westside’s counter attack. Carlton get the win 3-2.

Player of the match: Rebecca Davies (Carlton)


Pascoe Vale FC VS Fitzroy FC – WSFV – RD3 18/19

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