SFV: Under 16’s Round 6

Series Futsal Victoria, Under 16’s, Round 6, 2018/19


FC Parkville Heart 7-4 Tootgarook Tigers FC

PAR – K.Kaddour 3, I.Lahiff-Jenkins 2. J.Sasic & M.Mustapha
TOOT – L.Gambino, M.Gerracone, J.Mirenda & N.Poursandis

After a close start to the contest, Parkville proved too strong late on as they had a late flurry of goals to seal the win.

Man of the match – Khoder Kaddour (FC Parkville Heart)




Fitzroy FC 15-3 Northern City FC 

FITZ – E.Parthimos 6, A.El Hayek 4, A.Cappello 2, H.Soueid & N.Parthimos
NOR -M.Katusic 2 & T.De Santis

Fitzroy have bounced back from their defeat last week as they put on a clinical performance to overcome Northern City.

Man of the match – Adam El Hayek (Fitzroy FC)





Regent City FC 6-2 FC Preston 

REG – M.Ahmed, A.Hussein 2, A.Atosh & L.Khodr
PRES – R.Yousif & M.Flacko

Regent City have maintained their lead at the top of the table as they put on a strong second half showing to defeat a determined Preston outfit.

Man of the match – Abdulbaari Hussein (Regent City FC)







FC Carlton Heart 6-11 Preston United FC 

CARL – S.Gluhak 4, N.Husseni & D.Aliano
PRES – J.Vangeli 4, C.Dollas 3, M.Aloisio 2, A.Pronesti & J.Isak

Man of the match – Sinan Gluhak (FC Carlton Heart)