VIC: SFV Youth Round 10 2019

Series Futsal Victoria, Youth, Round 10, 2019



FC Preston 1-10 Fitzroy FC

PRES – T.Natoli
FITZ – C.Russo 4, T.Galper 2, S.Rogan, H.Robotis, E.Parthimos & B.Cullen OG

Fitzroy cruise to a big victory over Preston to go further clear at the top of the table.

Man of the match – Cosimo Russo (Fitzroy FC)


FC Carlton Heart 2-10 Pascoe Vale FC

CARL – C.Rajab & J.Lay
PVFC – S.Gluhak 4, G.Soto 2, T.Garner, N.Turner, J.Vidic & C.Rajab OG

Pascoe Vale put on their best performance of the season in a big win over Pascoe Vale.

Man of the match – Sinan Gluhak (Pascoe Vale FC)



Metropolitan FC 7-3 East Melbourne FC 

MET – T.Harris 3, B.Harris, M.Caceres, J.Caceres, & OG
EAST -S.Zios, M.Southam & S.Adinata

Metropolitan have another tough battle with East Melbourne but come away with a routine win.

Man of the match – Ben Harris (Metropolitan FC)



Moreland FC 4-6 Regent City FC 

MOR – L.Samuri 3 & K.Hassany
REG – A.Ahmed 3, O.Ahmed, S.Abdulkadir & A.Atosh

Regent City get their second win of the season over Moreland as they held on for the win.

Man of the match – Abdullahi Ahmed (Regent City FC)