VIC: SFV Round 13 2019

Series Futsal Victoria, Round 13, 2019

Fitzroy FC 2-1 Western Wolves FC

FITZ – M. Matar, C. Russo
WOL – J. Barrientos

Our opening match of the night shows league-leaders Fitzroy take on a Western Wolves side looking to begin an unbeaten run after their victory in penalties last week against Carlton.

The game begins fast paced as always with Fitzroy attacking from the get-go, but not without conceding some dangerous attacks on the other end from Wolves’ Lokman Ramadan. The 12th minute mark saw Wolves force an incredible one-handed diving save from Fitzroys Peter Tamburrino to keep it at 0-0. The next few minutes see Wolves’ Billy Atik come up massively for the underdogs making a number of outstanding saves. Both goalkeeping performances would prove vital for their sides in the first half as we entered the second half even at 0-0.

Almost immediately in the second half Wolves Tarek Zoubir lays off a free kick on the right wing to Jonathan Barrientos who shoots for goal and luckily has his shot fumbled in to give the underdogs the lead. 0-1 Wolves. Plenty of chances for both sides at this point as the opening goal allows the game to open up even more then it had been already as Lochie hits the post, to the loud groans of his coach and teammates. A counterattack at the 8th minute mark minute leads to Zoubir getting involved again beating #1 but ultimately hitting the post. Zoubir will rue his chance as seconds later Fitzroy’s Matar would cut in from the right wing beating his man and smashing a left-footed strike above the goalkeeper into the roof of the net. 1-1.  On the other end again Matar forces a wonderful save from Atik leading to Fitzroys Scott Rogans rebound then hitting the post to add to the number of interruptions the woodwork has had in this match-up.  With 50 seconds to go both teams are throwing everything at the ball, Rogan finds himself in the box tackling the ball relentlessly, eventually winning it and feeding it to Cossimo Russo who finishes it cleanly, taking the extremely late lead. 2-1 Fitzroy.

An incredible showing from both squads provides spectators with a match of the night candidate to kick off our evening.

Man of the match – Peter Tamburrino (Fitzroy FC)

Men's Series Futsal Victoria Round 13 2019 – Fitzroy FC vs Western Wolves FC

Fitzroy Futsal Club vs Western Wolves Futsal Club SFV R13 2019 (SHORT Highlights)

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Regent 8-9 Hume FC

REG- Fundi 2, A. Ahmed 2, K. Lam 1, O. Ahmed, M. Nguyen , J. Jimenez

HUME- A. Delgado 4, Z. Galanopoulos 2 J. Barreintos 2, A. Phung

Our second game of the evening displays a match between two sides looking to pick up form after last weeks losses in Regent and Hume FC.

Regent start the game off strong with an attack that would make any coach proud as every player is apart of what eventually becomes a greatly worked goal for the Panthers, finished by Kevin Lam. 1-0 Regent. Some minutes later, Andres Delgado finds the ball at his feet on a tight angle down the right wing, the angle is no issue for him as he slots a finish across goal into the bottom corner. 1-1. Minutes later Delgado finds himself in an identical position as before, shooting and scoring again, although this time it’s thanks to a deflection. 1-2 Hume. Possession hungry Regent begin to find their rhythm once again, leading to Osman Ahmed scoring a long ranged goal thanks to a fumble from Humes Omid Abdollahi. 2-2. Regent continue their passing play allowing Michael Nguyen to score a long ranged effort also due to poor goalkeeping from Abdollahi. 3-2 Regent. Shortly after kick-off, Delgado receives the ball in his signature right wing position, pouncing at the chance and getting his hatrick. 3-3. It’s a nightmare for Abdollahi as he gets a touch on another strike from Regent but ultimately finds himself conceding a 4th, credited to Fundi. 4-3 Regent. 5 minutes from time, Delgado receives the ball in the oppositions half, sliding it past the goalkeeper to clinch his 4th for the night. 4-4.

The second half kicks off much slower with both teams struggling to find their finishing touch for the opening few minutes. Eventually, Hume’s Jason Barrientos would receive a clumsy ball in the box only to finish it cleanly. 4-5 Hume. 4 minutes later, the game begins to heat up with both teams getting aggressive, leading to Delgado finding himself on the right wing once again, where he nutmegs the goalkeeper with a low-driven shot to equalise. 4-6 Hume. It couldn’t of been quicker, straight off kick off Regent’s Abdirahman Ahmed receives the ball, much like opponent Delgado, on the right wing, blasting a left footed shot to close the gap. 5-6 Hume. Ahmed appears to be feeling it by this point, stealing the ball in his defence, utilising a number of stepovers to find space and take his second of the night. 6-6. Soon after kickoff Aaron Phung receives the ball off of a side ball and placing his shot in the near post top corner to take the lead back. 6-7 Hume. As the game continues, so do the goals as Hume’s Zois Galanopoulos is hungry for his first goal of the night and what a goal it was, emphatically chipping Regents Douglas Lindberg to cheers from onlooking spectators. Repeated offences from the continuous goalscorer Delgado sees him receive his second yellow card, to the sings of the Regent crowd. Straight after the red card, Regent see their chance and to come back with Fundi finishing a close range goal. 7-8 Hume. A great move from Regent predictably allows them to equalise through a finish off the post from Joaquin Jimenez. 8-8, the Regent crowd encourages. The goal-fest continues and finishes with Galanopoulos getting his brace with a deflected finish from a side-ball layoff. 8-9 Hume to the disappointment of the loud Regent supporters.

The match concludes followed by screams of relief from Hume.

Man of the match – Zois Galanopoulos (Hume FC)

Men's Series Futsal Victoria Round 13 2019 – Regent City FC vs Hume FC

Regent City Futsal Club vs Hume Futsal Club SFV R13 2019 (SHORT Highlights)

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Pascoe Vale 1-2 Moreland

PAV – J. Besenyi
MOR – A, Ibrahim, M. Temel

The next fixture looked to be a classic as the two giants in Pascoe Vale and Moreland clash heads in a season defining tie for both teams.

We enter this fixture with Pascoe Vale desperate for the victory as the three points are crucial for them to keep in touch with opposition Moreland and league-leaders Fitzroy. The match begins intense as both teams understand the value of the bragging rights they can receive if they take a victory today. With both teams having possession consistently, a clever backheel from Muhamed Temel leads to a nicely slotted bottom corner finish from Atay Ibrahim giving Moreland the lead 10 minutes into the matchup. 0-1 Moreland. An incredibly tight half sees both teams defend well and keep the scoreline at 1-0 with a minimal amount of threatening attacks. Onto the second half.

The second half begins as the first ends, intense, yet lackluster in-terms of dangerous attacks. Both teams are digging deep to refrain from conceding. Loud screams from two of the most passionate coaches in Series Futsal Victoria persisted as the game continued at 1-0. An incredible bicycle attempt from just inside the half-way line from Moreland’s Lucas Vaz resembles the one that was once successful against this same Pascoe Vale side, putting a smile on spectators’ faces, and his own. This match has it all as Pascoe Vale’s Mauricio Novak sees his shot from mere metres out cleared on the goal line! Moreland’s coach and bench players couldn’t be more animated as they clench onto their 1-0 lead. It’s a jekyll and hyde encounter as the second half far surpasses the first in entertainment. Pascoe Vale are relentlessly attacking with 1 minute to go, when Moreland pounce on a counter attack, allowing Temel to receive the loose ball down the right wing and slow it into an empty net. 1-1. Pascoe Vale’s Felipe Bley is befuddled as even his heroics ultimately prove to be not enough insufficient for his team. The game isn’t over though as Jake Besenyi finds himself putting an extremely close ranged shot into the back of the net only to close the gap by 1 goal. 1-2 Moreland.

Man of the match – Muhamed Temel (Moreland FC)

Men's Series Futsal Victoria Round 13 2019 – Pascoe Vale FC vs Moreland FC

Pascoe Vale Futsal Club vs Moreland Futsal Club SFV R13 2019 (SHORT Highlights)

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Brunswick 2-5 Carlton Heart

BRU – M. Salvai, A. Zaccone
CAR – E. Simsek 3, H. Kanjo 2

The last game of the night depicts a close tie between 5th place Brunswick and 7th place Carlton, an important one for both.

The game kicks off with Ernie Simsek stunning Brunswick with a fabulous top corner strike, perhaps not quite at the level of last weeks goal against Wolves, but still a great strike nonetheless. 0-1 Carlton. Michele Salvai quickly equalises from the right wing as he continues to remind his team why he’s so crucial. 1-1. The first half is intense but much like the previous match, not too eventful in terms of dangerous attacks. This is until Carlton’s Hayden Kanjo finds himself receiving an aerial ball in the box and getting a slight first-touch on the ball to see it pass the goal-line and give his side the lead. 1-2 Carlton. Tension flares as the first half concludes, and we enter the last 23 minutes of the evening.

The second half is as intense as the first, and 30 seconds in Kanjo finds receiving a pass with a first timed flick, holding the ball, evading his defender and striking a bottom cornered finish passed Brunswicks Clayton Chappel. 1-3 Carlton, an incredible solo effort! With one quarter to go in the matchup, Simsek finds himself attempting to strike a freekick from distance, only to collect the rebound himself, dribble down the right wing and blast a strike off the crossbar and in. 1-4 Carlton. The game continues to stay competitive with Brunswick utilising their goalkeeper as an onfield player, but it ultimately fails them as Simsek scores off of a classic side-ball layoff for his hatrick. 1-5 Carlton. Andrea Zaccone responds quickly though, striking a deflected shot past the Carlton goalkeeper to close the gap slightly with 1 minute to go. 2-5, Carlton.

This match seemed as if it would be a close tie between two mid-table teams but ultimately, Carlton were determined to pickup form after last weeks loss in penalties.

Men's Series Futsal Victoria Round 13 2019 – CF Brunswick vs FC Carlton

Brunswick Futsal Club vs F.C. Carlton Heart SFV R13 2019 (SHORT Highlights)

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Man of the match – Hayden Kanjo (FC Carlton Heart)