VIC: SFV Matchday Changes

The Series Futsal Production (SFP) will receive a massive boost for the 2020 season. 

Series Futsal will see a dramatic change to the match day experience for both the mens and women’s competitions. 

The match day experience will have a fresh new look with on-court TV presenters interacting with in-studio commentators alongside a panel of analyst going into depth match analysis and a big focus on players, managers and club performance. Live statistics, achievements and game strategies coming under the microscope from expert pundits and fans. 

Other new features will include pre and post-game interviews and head referee wired up for on demand insights and clarification as the game unfolds.  

The production will get a huge financial boost with a purpose-built TV & podcast studio with full production qualities to broadcast on any platform including pay TV into other countries.

The opportunity to livestream and podcast will be made available to upcoming journalists creating opportunities as experts in this early stage of Series Futsal.

The change will also see the both men’s and women’s  competitions span across two days, with two games from each competition to be played on Wednesday and Friday evenings from the commencement of the new season, with the focus on building crowds, as well as fan and player engagement for both competitions. 

Another major change for season 2020 has seen Shin Pads be made optional for all Series Futsal Victoria players at all levels. 

It is exciting times ahead for Series Futsal Victoria as the league takes another step towards the World Series.