Cappellaro: Showmanship just as important as winning


While winning matches for his FC Balwyn side is his priority, resident trickster Daniel Cappellaro says that showmanship on the Series Futsal field is just as important for the future of the competition.

Cappellaro, known as ‘D10’ in the futsal world, was at his skillful best against Ashburton on Friday evening, displaying some fast feet, pulling off a mid-game chest stall (see image) and scoring two goals, including a handy chip over the goal keeper’s head (see video below).

The Balwyn star says that winning remains the goal, but he hopes that adding spice to the match will keep the fans coming back.

“I believe there’s more to the game that just putting the ball into the back of the net,” Cappellaro told

“Obviously, we are there to win, but if you can show your personality alongside ability, then people will come back.

“With the vision that Peter Parthimos and the team has for Series Futsal, than the tricks and the showmanship is going to become a massive part of the game.”

Cappellaro credits some timely advice from freestyle footballer Sean Garnier to his recent surge in on and off field form.

“When Sean Garnier was here, he gave me some good advice. If you have ability, people will come one or twice. If you have personality, they will come and speak to you or see you once or twice. But if you can combine the two – ability and personality – then you will create a relationship with fans and viewers and they will keep coming back,” he said.

“I’m an entertainer. Everybody knows that I do tricks and skills, however, when I play, I play for the team and to win, but I will always speak to everyone who comes to watch the game – especially the young players. This side of my personality also adds to the match experience.

“In sales, they call it CRM – customer relationship management. At Futsal Oz and Series Futsal, they call it ‘froth’!”

Check out D10’s highlights from Balwyn’s match against Ashburton on Friday evening, below.

Cappellaro and his Balwyn side will need to be at their best this Friday evening when they take on Fitzroy FC. With Balwyn fourth and Fitzroy fifth on the ladder, victory in this match will go a long way to determining the top positions in this season’s competition.

7:00pm – Collingwood v Ashburton
8:00pm – Balwyn v Fitzroy
9:10pm – Pascoe Vale v Metropolitan
10:10pm – Brunswick v Hume