Cooper makes shock move to State Championship team


Adam Cooper has turned his back on the top level of futsal – Series Futsal Victoria – and will play in the elite system’s second-tier State League Championship next season.

Cooper has signed with the Moreland Futsal Club, a team that was once in the top league and has been on the brink of a return to Series Futsal for a number of seasons.

Currently 6-3 up in a relegation battle with Doncaster FC, Cooper will join the team to solidify Moreland’s place in the State League Championship and help the club move up to Series Futsal Victoria.

And according to Moreland team manager Derren ‘Dee Man’ Saban, Cooper is the first of at least one more Series Futsal player to join his club.

“We lost a lot of players due to outdoor commitments,” he wrote on the team’s Facebook page.

“For the last three years, we have been struggling with injuries from outdoor and the results have reflected.

“With the inclusion of Dehaini, Sefil and Karanfil this season we are slowly rebuilding.

“The addition of these futsal based players will see us adapt to a proper futsal squad in the seasons to come. With Cooper and our next signing coming on board next season we want to mirror what the top teams are doing and make our return to Series Futsal Victoria next season.”

This Sunday will see the top five Series Futsal Victoria clubs, plus the winners of the State League Championship (FC Carlton) fight out for the Foz Cup. CLICK HERE for the live stream link, starting at 2:50pm AEDT.