Series Futsal Victoria considers Golden Goal rule for 2017


Series Futsal organisers are looking into the possibility of introducing a ‘Golden Goal’ ruling for the 2017 Series Futsal Victoria premiership.

After using the ‘no-draw’ policy in the past season (where every drawn match was decided by a penalty shoot-out), CEO Peter Parthimos is considering taking that rules one step further to allow extra time into the match.

The proposed rules would see a maximum of 90 second halves at the end of each match (three minutes in total) introduced to help find a winner on the pitch.

If a winner could not be found after the extra six minutes, a penalty shoot-out would take place.

Parthimos says that the ‘no draw’ policy was one of the hottest and most hated topics at the start of the year, but he feels that everyone has grown to like it.

“I think the new rules have been superb. I believe it helped create a very close premiership ladder battle and it made some of the games the most exciting we’ve ever seen,” he said.

“We are looking at the option of three minutes overtime before the shoot-out – a Golden Goal rule.

“We’d keep the stop clock in play, so teams can carefully craft their attack, but they wouldn’t be able to use a time out during that time to ensure a winner is decided as quickly as possible.

“I’m very interested to see what the folk on social media think of this and I’ll personally be looking at the feedback to see if it’s something that we implement.”

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