Moreland completes recruitment drive with another Futsalroo


Moreland FC’s huge player drive has come to a conclusion, with Jonathan Barrientos recruited to the team’s bulging list.

Barrientos joins Adam Cooper and Matthew Vragovski at the club that has its sights solely set on returning to – and winning – Series Futsal Victoria.

Ahead of today’s traditional end-of-season Foz Cup, Moreland team manager Derren ‘Dee Man’ Saban says that Barrientos’ experience will be invaluable.

“Jonathan brings a wealth of experience having led Vipers to countless titles, playing domestic and internationally and also playing for the Futsalroos in a World Cup,” he said.

“You can’t get much more experience than that.

“The three transfers that we made were tactical and we knew who we wanted going into the market and made sure we secured all three of them.

“Our plan has been executed to perfection, our line up for this season is now complete – and it’s our dream line up – one we believe that can take us back to SFV.”

If Moreland is successful in its State League Championship battle this season, it could play in the next Foz Cup next September.

To watch today’s Foz Cup – a tournament that sees the best of the best compete in one-day – CLICK HERE for the live stream link, starting at 2:50pm AEDT.