In what could shape to be a controversial move, the SFV commission has announced that it will take
a tougher stance on teams who remain in debt for a prolonged period of time in the Futsal Oz Elite

The commission is remaining tight lipped about which teams are currently facing a debt crisis,
however, have pointed to a long-standing rule that gives the league the power to dock teams 1 point
per round if they fail to settle debts within the allocated time frame. Needless to say, this could have
a devastating effect on teams and their final standings, both during the regular SFV season and their
SFA qualification standings.

This long-forgotten rule has been in the rule books since the beginning, however, the commission
has chosen to act in good faith allowing teams to settle debts over time. With the growing number
of clubs finding themselves in too deep, the commission is being forced into a position it does not
envy. spoke to CEO and SFV panelist Peter Parthimos said “It’s time for the clubs to get
more organized. This is now the premier comp in the country and clubs need to evolve with the time
if they wish to keep up.”

The commission will apply this point deduction across all Elite Leagues beginning in the new 2019
season and stated that they are not afraid to start clubs off in the new season on negative points
should they fail to settle prior to round 1.

Aside from the obvious league repercussions, it is also important to note that SFA qualification can
also be affected. With SFA being held just once every 2 seasons, with a total point tally over the 2
seasons taken into account, teams could find themselves missing out on SFA should they lose even a
single point.

The message is clear from the SFV commission and it is up to clubs and their officials to ensure they
maintain their club’s finances for the integrity and professionalism of the league.