2019 Rule Changes!


SFV new rule interpretation

The SFV is not shy when it comes to changing the laws of the game. Controversially introducing
throw-ins at the commencement of the 2016/17 season which had the clubs and players up in arms
with many teams protesting and initially refusing to use the throw-in. To this day, Hume FC refuses
to introduce throw-ins into their game. It can’t be denied, however, the rule has added a new
dynamic to the game.

In the same season, the SFV introduced the no draws policy with just as much protest. A match that
ends with scores level at full time, is decided by a penalty shootout (10m in the men’s competition
and 5m in the women’s) with the winner taking all 3 points and the loser walking away with nothing.

In an effort to speed the game up, the 2019 season will see a new rule which will penalise players,
specifically keeper, who fail to bring the ball into play within the laws of the game. The current rule
allows a keeper to re-take possession if they fail to clear the D with their distribution or if they
mistakenly kick the ball when it is in fact a keeper’s throw. Players are also given a second chance
during corners should they fail to restart the play within the laws of the game.

The SFV has stated that in both scenarios the offending team will lose possession and the opponent
awarded an indirect free kick at the top of the D. Corners now will be turned over to the opponents
keeper should the attacking team fail to restart the ball within the laws of the game.

Is this a good rule change? Have your say now!