SFV Announces Once Off League Restructure


The Futsal Oz elite leagues are set to undergo a major makeover in an unprecedented move by the Futsal Oz Elite Premier League (FEPL) Commission.

The Commission will convene at seasons end to identify clubs that have failed to meet the standards set out for the FEPL with the clubs’ professionalism being scrutinized. The commission will also short list possible applicants to replace any teams they see as unfit to continue to participate in their respective league.

Speaking to seriesfutsal.com commissioner Henry De Oleveira says, “All leagues will be under the microscope and we will do our due diligence when the eventual restructure takes place.” When queried about the reason behind the move De Oleveira stated “The FEPL’s Commission priority is to maintain the integrity and competitiveness of the elite league structure and right now there are a handful of teams that haven’t been able to deliver the desired result.”

The Commissioner remained tight lipped about which teams specifically would be under the microscope however he did reiterate “All clubs from SFV right through to the local premier leagues will be monitored closely in the final weeks of the season.”

Futsal Oz notoriously is known for its hard stance on re-structures, instead opting to pass on clubs under new administration in order to maintain the integrity of the leagues.

“It’s a rare move by the Commission, it will be a one off never to happen again restructure” Futsal Oz CEO and co-commissioner Peter Parthimos when giving his thoughts on the re-structure. “I can’t see it happening again with the way the leagues are evolving however we felt the need to cull those who have not evolved with the times while also rewarding those who continue to build to the sort of standards the FEPL Commission strives for.”

Who will go? Who will stay? Only time will tell now.