The Western Wolves have made history after becoming the first Series Futsal team ever to be docked points after failing to comply to league standards and expectations.

The Wolves now sit on 2 points which send them to the bottom of the table. Previously the were 6th on the ladder with a superior goal difference in comparison to Hume and Brunswick. This means that goal difference will no longer player a hand in the Wolves ladder positioning, with Series Futsal’s no draw rule, they will always find themselves needing one win more than everyone else.

Speaking to seriesfutsal.com Commissioner Michael Tsiaras said “It’s unfortunate it has come to this. The President was given ample opportunity to clear up the Wolves finances and they fell on deaf ears. We want to work with clubs to ensure they continue striving towards professionalism.”

The Western Wolves have also failed to meet team requirements in recent weeks which saw veteran shot stopper Dianoush Rasoulzadeh take the field against Pascoe Vale in round 4.

Do you think the Commissioner is being too harsh?