Transfer Rumours


After leaving a then-relegation zoned Carlton Heart for second placed Moreland, Rico Hauser may believe his season has been rather underwhelming. He undoubtedly made an impact to the squad, but in a team full of stars like Jose Filho, Cosimo Russo and Adam Cooper, Hauser seemed to have struggled to solidify himself as a core member of the team. Perhaps that’s why the rumours link the long-shot specialist with a move back to Carlton, where he can re-embellish the squad and have more time to shine.

After three seasons of being known as one of Regent’s top talents, it has been revealed that Joaquin Jimenez has been faced with an offer to play for Altona Knights FC. It is unsure what his decision has been or will be, but with Regent already relegated into the State Championship, fans can’t help but wonder if his future lies with the Panthers.