Series Futsal Club worth; Where does the value lie?


A news storm was created on Monday 2nd March when Series Futsal and Futsal Oz announced that Hume FC, one of the most historic names in Futsal Oz, is for sale. Putting the question on everyone’s mind… How much is a futsal club worth? And what value does each club bring to Futsal Oz and its competitions? Who is the most valuable? Well we will attempt answer all that now. 
What determines a club’s worth? Is it the amount of titles they hold? In that case it’s Pascoe Vale. The 10-time league champions have always been the most marketable and followed team in the competition. Or do we judge worth on current success? In that case we will be looking at Moreland, Fitzroy and Carlton as the most recent power houses. 
When investors or possible new owners look at taking over a club they will look at potential for growth. A club that will provide a return on investment and has a stable structure underpinning it. The below “tiers of value” have taken various variables for each club into account including, number of Elite League teams, number of junior teams, overall club success and estimated revenue per year. 
Premium Clubs: 
Pascoe Vale Lions: 
The Lions senior team boasts the most successful name of all time with 10 league titles, 9 FOz Cups, 3 SFA’s and a more recent Clubs Clup title to add to their name. They also hold a mammoth 26 teams across the 3 Futsal Oz stadiums playing 48 weeks a year, providing plenty of stability for both the Lions and Futsal Oz going forward. This club cannot be overlooked. 

Fitzroy Tigers: 
The Tigers have become exceedingly efficient in everything thing they do. Their senior mens team before this season won back to back titles, while their youth and junior teams have become one of the most dominant teams across Futsal Oz leagues and competitions, taking out titles at all age levels over recent years. Any investor looking for a club will surely see this and jump at the chance to own what’s widely seen as the future stars of Series Futsal. 

Carlton Heart: 

The Heart has come from humble origins to lay claim to one of the biggest futsal clubs at Futsal Oz. The recent back to back to back SFV titles saw the club expand into 14 teams across 2 Futsal Oz stadiums and creating a structure and pathway for juniors to rise into elite competitions.  
These are the clubs that are genuinely invested in the future of Series Futsal and have designed a system that will ensure their continued success for many years to come. 
Next Best: 
Preston Futsal Club: 
The Panthers are the new kids on the block and despite failing to qualify for SFV, they have rocketed into this category with their 7 teams, all located at the Futsal Oz Thomastown stadium. Preston are a young club with plenty of room for growth and a very bright future.

Clubs are looking at the growth of Series Futsal and Futsal Oz and are adapting a more corporate approach with sponsorship money streaming in and clubs building solid junior academies with healthy cashflow.  

The smart operators are setting their clubs up for business and provide value for money as their academies and senior squads go from strength to strength.