Series Futsal Victoria, Womens, Round 2, Matchday 2, 2020



PRE- S. Galea 2 & E. Eyar
NOR- M. Hubeek 3, E. Fakos 2 & D. Galuccio 2

Our SFV Women’s match of the night saw the strong Northcote City take on a desperate Preston side attempting to redeem themselves after last week’s 9-0 thrashing by Pascoe Vale.

This fixture began as an unpredictable one and it continued to remain that way as both sides had plenty of attacking chances. Although Northcote finished the half with the lead, it very much could’ve been either way. With Iesha Atik making an ensemble of ridiculous saves, she would be repaid by Daniella Galluccio and Mary Hubeek who both scored once each composedly. Northcote finished the half with a cleansheet and the 2-0 lead but it was slightly unconvincing due to the heroics of Atik.

Our second half provided a goal fest as Northcote really found their attacking form, whilst Preston finally managed to beat the seemingly indestructible Atik. Northcote began the half with a goal through Hubeek to make her brace, but it was Stephanie Galea of Preston that gave her side hope. This resurgence didn’t last too long though as Eleni Fakos struck to make it 4-1 but Preston didn’t lie down as Elizabeth Eyar struck hard and low from her own half to halve the deficit. It was smooth sailing for Northcote from then on as Hubeek, Fakos and Galluccio all got one more goal each whilst Galea got another herself, allowing the match to finish 7-3 in Nothcotes favour.

Player of the Game: Iesha Atik (Northcote City FC)