CF Brunswick draws with Ashburton FC


CF Brunswick


  • Ruz Roslan - 2 goal(s)
  • Ben Rigby - 1 goal(s)
  • Christopher Triantafilopoulos

Ashburton FC


  • Shams Haidari - 2 goal(s)
  • Amir Behroozi - 1 goal(s)
  • Amir Behroozi
September 4, 2016 | 5:00 pm


For Ashburton and Brunswick this game was do or die. Only a win would keep Ashburton from the bottom three. For Brunswick anything but a loss would keep them safe. This set the scene for what proved to be a blockbuster game of futsal.

Ashburton where quick out of the blocks finding themselves a quick early goal to put their opposition on the back foot and give themselves a real chance and staying out of relegation. The chances kept coming for Ashburton who failed to capitalize with Brunswick’s goalkeeper Christos Apostolakis bringing some fine saves to keep Ashburton from extending their one goal lead. As the game wore on Brunswick began to find themselves some space and time on the ball and began to open up the opposition defense. Eventually the pressure Brunswick was bringing proved too much for Ashburton as Ruz Roslan scored a nice goal. The game became a real arm wrestle as both teams struggled to get the upper hand. This was soon broken by an injury to Omid Azami as he reeceived some friendly fire. This proved as the catalyst for Ashburton who went on to score two quick goals in the first half to put themselves two goals ahead at the half.

As the second half whistle blew Brunswick came flying out of the blocks with a second goal to Roslan putting them within one goal less than a minute into the half. The game settled quickly though as both attacks and defenses proved too evenly matched. Brunswick where able to sneak one more goal in the second half through some quick counter attacking play. This proved to be the last goal for the game with both teams struggling to break through each others defenses.

For Brunswick they will be getting ready for the next season of Series Futsal. Ashburton will have a nervous week as they prepare for their play off to avoid relegation.



Date Time Competition Season
September 4, 2016 5:00 pm Mens 2016


Club1st Half2nd HalfGoals
CF Brunswick M123
Ashburton FC303

CF Brunswick M

Player Goals Assists Yellow Cards Red Cards Man of the match
Cameron Holmes00000
Christopher Triantafilopoulos02100
Antonis Apostolakis00000
Ruz Roslan20000
Joshua Pulvirenti00000
Ben Rigby10000
Christos Apostolakis00001
Anthony Brown01000
Ash Triantos00000

Ashburton FC

Player Goals Assists Yellow Cards Red Cards Man of the match
Iraj Hani01000
Shams Haidari20000
Behrad Behzadpour00000
Omid Abdollahi00000
Ahmad Hassani00000
Mehran Shafiei01000
Ali Asghar Hossain Zadeh00000
Hamed Khademi00000
Amir Behroozi10100