Ashburton FC loses to Pascoe Vale FC


Ashburton FC


  • Iraj Hani - 1 goal(s)
  • Amir Behroozi - 1 goal(s)
  • Mehran Shafiei - 2 goal(s)
  • Rasoul Bahmani - 2 goal(s)
  • Mohsen Hassani

Pascoe Vale FC


  • Joao Da Silva - 1 goal(s)
  • Thiago Martins - 2 goal(s)
  • Andre Caro - 3 goal(s)
  • Richard Ferguson - 1 goal(s)
  • Matheus Maria - 1 goal(s)
  • Mauricio Novak - 1 goal(s)
  • Matheus Maria
September 25, 2016 | 4:00 pm


The season opener was an introduction of lots of new faces for Pascoe Vale who had lost many of their former stars to injury or other clubs. For Ashburton it was the same group who survived relegation and where looking to show they could match it in the top league.

The first half started well for Ashburton who scored the first goal quickly by taking advantage of the new throw in rule. A long throw set up a great finish through a header. Pascoe Vale looked flat and where struggling to click. Nevertheless their quality showed as they managed to score even under all duress. Ashburton refused to be overwhelmed by their opposition responding to every goal Pascoe Vale scored with a goal of their own. The half time score read four goals to three in Pascoe Vale’s favor.

The second half started exactly as the first finished with goal for goal futsal. The fast chaotic nature of the game suited Ashburton as they took advantage of Pascoe Vale not being able to stick to their usually strict structures. Despite this Pascoe Vale kept ahead. Eventually the pressure proved too much for Ashburton who began to run out of legs and give too much space to Pascoe Vale’s stars and it showed. In the final three minutes of the game Pascoe Vale superstar Andre Caro scored two goals and assisted one as he took advantage of the space the fatigued Ashburton defence gave him.

The win showed that Pascoe Vale still had what it takes to be a dominant force in Series Futsal despite the changes in personal. Despite the final scoreline not reflecting it Ashburton showed that they can match it with the best; they will be looking to build on that performance in weeks to come.



Date Time Competition Season Round
September 25, 2016 4:00 pm Mens 2016/2017 1


Club1st Half2nd HalfGoals
Ashburton FC336
Pascoe Vale FC M459

Ashburton FC

Player Goals Assists Yellow Cards Red Cards Man of the match
Iraj Hani10000
Amir Behroozi10000
Behrad Behzadpour00000
Omid Abdollahi00000
Hossain Haidari00000
Mehran Shafiei22000
Mohsen Hassani00100
Rasoul Bahmani21000

Pascoe Vale FC M

Player Goals Assists Yellow Cards Red Cards Man of the match
Joao Da Silva11000
Rodrigo Covarrubias00000
Thiago Martins21000
Andre Caro32001
Richard Ferguson11000
Felipe Bley00000
Jesse Papas00000
Matheus Maria11100
Victor Rodriguez-Rey01000
Mauricio Novak10000